KEAAN is a Canadian hand-finished leather goods brand established in 2020 in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia. KEAAN comes from a family of architects, interior designers, and engineers where design and technology run hand in hand for the past 70 years. The family also runs its own leather goods factory which manufactures and exports for high street brands of Italy, Spain, France, United States, Australia, Japan, and many more globally. Exhibiting in trade fairs with the latest trends in Milan every season we realized, there is an immense potential for our timeless hand-finished leather goods. To make things affordable for the end consumer we launched the brand KEAAN. The bags are still designed in Italy or as the Italians say

Progettato in Italia !

KEAAN The Product

All our products are fashion masterpieces with industrial robustness. These are beautifully crafted to perfection with traditional Italian hand finishing techniques.

Design and Manufacturing – Our design and material selections are all done in our design studio in the town of Napoli, South of Italy. The mass manufacturing is done in our state of the art SedEx Certified leather goods factory. 

Leather – Leather is a by-product of the food industry. Tanners have always transformed waste skins into precious leather resources. Leather was the answer to many of our needs and it will always be. At KEAAN, we are using this valuable natural resource and finishing it in the age-old, time tested Italian leather finishes. KEAAN only uses 100% top grain leather for all its products.

Equestrian Grade Brass Hardware – The hardware used in the KEAAN bags is made of equestrian grade brass which is designed for heavy stress and strain. This simply means the hardware won’t break or rust.

Organic Cotton –  We are committed to using less and providing more and long-lasting products. At KEAAN we use only organic cotton linings which use 70% less water compared to the factory produced commercial cotton. Organic cotton is chemical-free and also used to manufacture infant garments.

YKK Japanese Zips – Zippers are an integral functional component of a bag. Without good zippers even the most expensive bag becomes worthless. KEAAN uses Japanese YKK zippers that are tested for 1000+ reciprocations, which is the best in the industry.

Marine Grade Thread – Our leather goods go under tremendous stress and strain in drums for 8-12 hours to achieve the KEAAN vintage look. All products are manufactured by an industrial-grade of marine thread and not the traditional cotton. This makes our product long-lasting and durable which can last a lifetime.

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